Tibi Scobiola is a great romanian artist and composer, with 11 years experience in the whole world, being part of many shows like those on Brodway.
Returning to Romania, he formed his own band which became a brand in the Romanian music and showbiz
working with television Antena1 and Antena2 with his band.
He composed the song "Away" with David Deejay (Adi Colceru - the hit maker of Sexy Thing).
"Away" is different from all Romanian tracks. Thru the next single, TSB wants to establish in the club music to.


The name SIMPLU comes from Simple - Ideas - Work - Strengh - Fight - United, a real motto for the band members: Taz, Omu Negru, Smiley, Piticu, Francezu, C.R.B.L - 6 lively, inventive and very fit boys that are really good at break dance.


The band appeared in 1982 and it was considered to dangerous by the communist system.


Mihai Pocorschi, a Polytechnics student and folk music performer togethere with some other geology students started to rehearse at “Casa de Cultura a Studentilor “('Grigore Preoteasa', at that time) at the beginning of autumn 1978.


Mandinga is an honest proposal from some young guys whose wish is to bring a little bit of happiness in everyone’s soul.


Morandi is a Romanian pop music group composed of Marius Moga and Andreas Tefas Ropcea (Randi). The group's name derives from the first two letters of Moga's name and Ropcea's nickname, Randi, creating Morandi.


AKCENT means Sorin, Marius, Adrian & Mihai. Kylie, their first English song went outside Romania becoming a huge hit in September 2005 in The Netherlands.


Where has VH2 started from? Gabi Cotabita met Mihai Pocorschi and they reached the conclusion that they felt like singing. Mihai had some songs but they needed a band. So, they started to make phone calls. Eugen Sonia came to play the bass.