Artistic Moments


A world class act achieved by the World- and European Champion in acrobatics Margarita Khassanova.


AirSphere reprezinta un moment acrobatic, oferit de o tanara artista din Rusia, cu ajutorul a doua semisfere din sticla, cuplate pentru a forma o sfera compacta, suspendata in aer.


Using music, lighting and the location, the sphere simulates the image of the moon … its artificial copy on the Earth. A magic moment, when the impossible becomes reality.


"Bubbles" due to it special characteristics and flexibility concerning illumination and music could be played on a stage or between the audience with one, two or more bubbles/dancers.


Visual adventure in light, color and fluid movements.
“When the light takes you on its journey, when your feet leave the earth then you have entered the world of Fullydelight”


The Black Bird duo symbolizes passion and strength.

Magic Moves

De ce este atat de magic acest moment? Pentru ca cele doua personaje nu merg ... se pare ca plutesc, se pare ca aluneca pe suprafata salii, fara sa miste ... secretul lor este ... magic

Little Asian Tree

The Magic Moves is a extraordinary number that can be easily adapted for a high class gala and as a walking act into a fare or exhibition.

Special Costumes

Pentru targuri, expozitii, evenimente care vor sa comunice exuberanta, vitalitate si exotic, puteti alege din oferta noastra, animatoare imbracate in costume speciale, care vor da viata si culoare petrecerii.

Golden piramid

DuoVision celebrates expressive partner acrobatics at world class level.

Live on stage

Stage TV is a multimedia stage show; a spectacular mixture of juggling, acrobatic skills, motorcycling, artistic skills and accurate video animation. Interactive sequences join the supreme artistic turns and create a linking between the real action on stage and the virtual world of the televisions.

Live Stage&Coloro

Coloro reprezinta un joc cromatic, un spectacol bazat pe jocuri de lumina.
Lumina si culoarea devin banale jucarii, pentru cei trei artisti care le domina, pentru a le supune cerintelor lor. Culorile se transforma la comanda.


'Flux' - A breathtaking spectacle of choreographed color where highly technical juggling is fused with dance and cutting edge technology. This completely unique double-act has been performed in 27 countries around the world.

More then flux

Pixel-Poi, a performance developed during 2006 is completely unique (patent pending). 

Firedancers PQ

A terrific 10 min show presented by two to eight extraordinary artists.

Incredibly fast and surprising fire actions with firepois and fire staff.

Erik Bogmann – Fuβballkunstler

One day I saw Erik juggle 5 soccer balls in a medieval castle, with soaring 2.6 meter ceiling; next time I saw him it was in the center of Ajax Arena’s playing field in Amsterdam before 45.000 amazed people.