Vocal singers


Luminita Anghel`s passion for music appeared at an early age. She has continuously improved her talent. At the age of 8, she started to take canto lessons and to perform in public.


ANDRA was born in Campia Turzii, in the heart of Ardeal. She started singing at an early age, but she performed hear first show at the age of 7, where she was a guest of honor for a children’s contest “Tip Top Minitop”.

Andreea Banica

Andreea Banica started her solo career with her band named "Exotic". Her sensual voice, blonde hair, blue eyes and her beautiful body made her famous from her first apparition on the music market.

Mihai Trastariu

He began playing the piano at the age of 7, under his parents’ guidance… more specifically, when he started school, they bought him a white piano. He studied piano for 10 years with a private teacher. 


Alex was born on the 13th of May, 1984. It was a lucky day for his parents. He thinks about himself as a real Taurus, obstinate, ambitious, stubborn, and gelous; a person who knows that goals can be achieved by hard work.

Marcel Pavel

Marcel Pavel is a popular singer in Romania born in 1959. His singing talents brought him to the top of the Romanian charts more than once. In 2002 Marcel was elected as The best male voice.


As a child, Pepe`s greatest wish was to become famous and sing Latino music. His story started with „Latin Express” when the two members of the band started to search for a vocalist for their band and they chose Pepe.